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SightRight (UK) Limited
10 Holly Blue Road
NR18 0XJ
T: +44(0)1953 600677
M: +44(0)7833 170572


SightRightŪ Putting Academy

& SightRightŪ Junior Putting Academy

at The DeVere Dunston Hall Hotel & Golf Club, Norwich

DeVere Dunston Hall Hotel & Golf Club, Norwich

SightRightŪ Putting Coaching removes all the guesswork around an individual’s Sighting & Alignment, and Eye Dominance, and enables the player to harmonise their Technique for immediate improvement.

To reserve your SightRightŪ Putting Coaching Session
or for further enquiries call our

SightRightŪ Putting Academy

on 07833170572 or 01953 600677

(See our SightRightŪ Junior Putting Academy)

SightRightŪ Coaching - “for perfect sighting in your sport”

  • Patented Sighting & Alignment Diagnosis

  • Patented Practice Methods for Sighting & Alignment in your

    • Pre-shot sighting routines

    • and Putting Stance

  • Putting Stance & Putting Technique ‘sighting harmonisation’ to develop the perfect straight back and straight through Pendulum Putting Stroke

  • Green Reading using SightRightŪ’s patented practice method

  • Putting Distance Control – Sighting and Feel

  • Course and Green Shadowing

  • On Tour Support

SightRightŪ Tuition at our Golf & Putting Clinics & Junior Academy

Our new SightRightŪ Putting Clinics and SightRightŪ Junior Putting Academy are the first of their kind. At our Academies we provide revolutionary coaching in Sighting & Alignment and Putting, with a Patented Sighting & Alignment Diagnosis to accurately assess a Player's true Sighting Line, regardless of Eye Dominance.

Amazingly, and for various reasons, most amateur and professional golfers, including golf coaches at all levels, unintentionally sight across their Line of Aim.

The patented SightRightŪ Coaching system is used to individually identify and correct any Sighting & Alignment error for perfect sighting in all pre-shot Sighting and Putting routines.

Then, once a players sighting is corrected, SightRightŪ’s Patented Coaching Method helps the player develop a perfect straight back and straight through pendulum Putting Stroke.

“Stephen has taken the Coaching of Aiming to the next stage”

Peter Mattsson, Director of Coaching – English Golf Union

“Raising the Standard of Sighting & Alignment Coaching in Sport”

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“Stephen has taken the Coaching of Aiming to the next stage”

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